Saturday, September 6, 2014

No More Sunscreen

So I went in for my annual physical in mid-August. Had some blood work done, which is not my favorite thing. But I somehow survived the needle without passing out.

According to the doctor my "lipids are amazing." Apparently, that has to do with cholesterol.

The bad news is that I have a Vitamin D "insufficiency." It's pretty low but not quite low enough to be called a "deficiency" according to their scale.

Anyway, I will be taking Vitamin D supplements going forward and hopefully this gets me back on track. I have also slowed down on using sunscreen so my body can absorb the sunlight and give me some Vitamin D that way. You apparently need to have a certain amount in your body and then the sun somehow activates it or makes it do what it should.
That's my highly medical explanation.

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  1. Chad, you may want to have your bone density checked as well. I have to use high dose of sunscreen due to my freckles. As a result, not only was my vitamin D terribly low, but my bone density had suffered as you must have Vit D to process calcium for your bones and teeth. I take both Calcium and D daily to keep this in balance along with still using sunscreen. All are back in balance after two years of adding those supplements.